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team assisting Hubei. Howev

pidemiologic investigation. "Today is a big day for Wuhan, but we can't afford a minute of relaxation," he said. "We are still fighting toward a final victory in Wuhan to

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be marked by more days of zero increase." I

n a leadership meeting on Wednesday, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the

Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Commi

ttee, said the positive trend in preventing and controlling the epidem

ic has been constantly consolidated and expa

nded. He stressed efforts to protect the hard-won positive trend as new situati

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ons and problems, especially the overseas spread of the virus and its negative impacts on the world economy, brought new challenges. The novel

coronavirus was first identified in Wuhan in December as a new pathogen facing mankind. Before its traits were fully understood, the virus had cut a swath of infections among Wuhan's unsuspecting public, before jumping from the transportation hub to other parts of China via the largest seasonal human migration ahead o

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f the Spring Festival. Xi has described the COVID-19 outbreak as the most difficult to contain since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 and "a big test" for t

he country. Medical experts said the virus is more contagious, though less deadly, than the SARS virus that belongs to the same coronavirus family. Globally, the SARS virus infected 8,422 people and killed

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